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How To Submit Your Imperial Medical Timesheet

As the Payroll Manager for Imperial Medical I want to ensure you are paid on time every week and in order to do this there are a few things which would help us to get you paid.

On average, during the week we unfortunately have to reject around 75 timesheets as they do not comply with the Trust or Hospital’s invoicing procedure. Therefore, I would like to bring the following points to your attention:

Please ensure your timesheets are written clearly and are legible. If a timesheet has been in your pocket please ensure you unfold/flatten it before taking a photo/scanning it. Please make sure all of the timesheet is visible.

Please double-check your timesheet for mistakes or incorrect information. We need to ensure that the timesheet includes your ward, dates, signatures, reference number and breaks (legal requirement), as well as the hours you have worked which are added up correctly.

I know of two hospitals who do not accept JPEG images at all. Therefore, we would encourage you to fax or scan your timesheet in this scenario. If submitting an image of your timesheet, please ensure it is one timesheet per image.

Accepted Timesheet Images
Please ensure that when taking a picture of your timesheet it is taken overhead and includes the whole of the timesheet.

Correct Timesheet   Correct Timesheet

Rejected Timesheet Images

Please do not:

  • Take a picture of your timesheet at an angle
  • Take a picture not including the whole of the timesheet
  • Take a picture including the background
  • Take a picture of a crumbled timesheet (please unfold/straighten first)

Incorrect Timesheet   Incorrect Timesheet

A4 timesheets
Please refrain from using any old A5 timesheets you may have from us; we now use A4 timesheets.

Historic timesheets
All historic timesheets need to be sent in within two weeks of attending the shift to ensure payment is not delayed.

Contacting us
My team and I are more than happy to take telephone calls but usually we can resolve queries quicker if you email us detailing the specific issue - we also then have a record of our correspondence if we need to discuss again in the future. If you have any payroll queries please email: payroll@imperialstaffing.co.uk

Please note, the payroll cut off is Monday 12pm for timesheets every week. If you submit your timesheet before this time then your payment will be in your account that Friday.


Justin Prins

Justin Prins is the Payroll Manager for Imperial Medical. Justin and the Payroll Team authorise and process over 4,000 timesheets each week.

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